Reasons to have a Micro Bayside Beach Wedding

February 14, 2022 by kevincjonas

Why You Should Choose an Intimate Beach Wedding 

Micro weddings have quickly become one of the most talked-about trends for weddings, changing the way that future brides and grooms plan to say “I do.” With a micro wedding, the spouses-to-be can celebrate their union in a small ceremony without sacrificing the big moments in which memories are made.

When you combine that with the timeless tradition of beachfront nuptials (something that will never go out of style), you get the best of both worlds: a micro beach wedding.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is essentially a small-scale wedding, opting for an intimate guest list that features only the couple’s closest family and friends. A micro wedding isn’t an elopement; instead, it features all of the classic wedding traditions you know and love, including the ceremony and reception.

Micro weddings are a wonderful way for a bride and groom to create a special day that suits their personalities, budget, and future goals. And best of all, planning a small wedding can make it much easier to focus on celebrating the love and commitment that a marriage is truly about.

Benefits of Micro Bayside Beach Weddings

A micro bayside beach wedding takes the micro wedding concept and transports it directly to paradise, providing a stunning setting for the big day.

At the Princess Bayside Beach Hotel, weddings in Ocean City have always been one of our favorite events to host. After all, what could be more beautiful than declaring your love while the sun sets on the bay behind you? Surrounded by sandy beaches, lush scenery, and the peaceful sounds of the bay, micro weddings in Ocean City have so much to offer.

Cost Savings

The average cost of a wedding was more than $22,000 in 2021, an estimate that’s only expected to go up. In our resort’s home state of Maryland, wedding costs were significantly higher, averaging about $33,800.

No matter what your wedding budget may be, there’s no question that being able to save money is always a benefit. And depending on how many people you would have invited for a standard-sized wedding, making the switch to a micro wedding can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

For example, let’s compare the cost of a typical wedding with about 150 guests to a micro wedding with just 25. Many factors can influence how much you spend, but in this case, you could cut costs by 80 to 85% or more – imagine how much more you could have for your dream honeymoon, a future home, and whatever else you and your spouse have in mind!

Intimate Setting

Many are surprised to discover just how overwhelming a large wedding can be. When you have a guest list that includes over a hundred people, you can end up spending a lot of time saying your “hellos” and “thank yous” – which is less time for dancing, dining, and enjoying the festivities.

But with a micro wedding, your event can be an intimate affair; your closest family and friends will be there to join you, and you’ll have the flexibility to make the most of your time with them. As a result, your ceremony and reception (and even the pre- and post-wedding events) can turn out to be even more special.

Less Stress

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you factor in coordinating details such as costs, travel, accommodations, and more. But when you scale back on the size of your wedding, the amount of stress you’re facing can also shrink dramatically. There are fewer details to coordinate, but the meaningful memories and magical moments are just as plentiful.

Plan Your Micro Beach Wedding in Ocean City

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Ocean City? You may want to consider a micro wedding on the bay, hosted by Princess Bayside Beach Hotel. We’re here to help you plan the perfect event, and our team can work with you to set up a micro bayside beach wedding that exceeds your every expectation. With less stress, more savings, and all of the gorgeous details and special memories you’ve always wanted, a micro beach wedding could be your match made in heaven.

For more information about our Ocean City wedding packages, including options for micro weddings, contact the Princess Bayside Beach Hotel today or reach out to our director of sales Danielle Rickett at 410-723-2900 or

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