Tips for Booking A Last Minute Trip

August 11, 2022 by Kristen Oliver

How to Save on Hotels

More travelers are booking last-minute trips now more than ever. According to online travel statistics, 72% of online travel bookings via mobile devices occur within forty-eight hours of last-minute Google searches that include the words ‘today’ and ‘tonight.’ 

If a last-minute getaway to Ocean City, Maryland sounds amazing now, but you’re worried that planning a spur-of-the-moment trip will be stressful, worry not. Here are some helpful tips for booking a successful last-minute trip:

1. Consider Different Destination Options

There are several places you can go and things you can do on your trip. You can drop by Ocean City, Maryland, for the fantastic water sports and vibrant nightlife or spend an afternoon playing golf.

Once you arrive, be flexible. If you have a solid plan, it can cloud the possibilities and fun that come from spontaneous travel. Although it is advisable to have a plan, it shouldn’t be too detailed or set in stone. 

To get the best out of your trip, you should be open to any opportunities that might come your way. Being flexible and open to several possibilities is the key to having everything go smoothly in your last-minute reservations. It can enable you to enjoy good deals as they come by.

2. Be Strategic With Booking Flights 

A day or two can make a big price difference when it comes to flights. Being flexible with your departure and return dates could save you hundreds of dollars. 

For instance, the day of the week you book your flight could significantly impact the amount you’ll pay for your flight. Airlines usually offer discounts for flights on certain days, so checking on these days may be worth your while. 

Another way to save money when booking flights is to opt for less popular flight times. For instance, early morning flights are generally cheaper compared to flights that take place during convenient times. 

3. Look for Last-minute Hotel Deals

Although you might be able to find a deal at just about any hotel last-minute, the best deals are offered by hotels with deals specifically for last-minute travelers. Such deals can help you save while enjoying an unforgettable experience. 

4. Reach Out to Hotels Directly

Although you can use third-party sites to book hotels, it would be best to use them only for research and contact the hotel directly. There are several reasons why you should make your last-minute hotel reservation now. They include:

  • Some hotels have rooms set aside for third-party platforms, limiting your choices. You could have more guest room and suite options by reaching out directly.
  • Because you are not bound to the hotel by a third-party deal, hotels will be more willing to help you if you cancel or change your dates.
  • You may not qualify for loyalty program points for stays booked through third parties.

Find All the Amenities You’ll Want for Last-minute Bookings at Princess Bayside Beach Hotel

Just because you are planning a last-minute booking doesn’t mean you have to settle for less to go. The tips above should guide you to make the right hotel last-minute booking for an enjoyable experience on your trip.

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