Destination weddings are still a wildly popular as they’ve ever been. According to GroupTravel, one in every four weddings is still a destination affair, with seven out of ten of all destinations taking place in a scenic locale in the United States. Though the costs, themes, and guest lists might vary, one factor remains the same between them all—people who choose destination weddings do so because they want to enjoy the sights of a beautiful location while they tie the knot.

There are several characteristics that make a destination good, but the backdrop and hotels of Ocean City MD make it the perfect spot if you’re looking to get hitched away from home. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Defining The Perfect Destination

Wedding Couple in Ocean

Wedding guides like The Knot provide all sorts of tips for choosing a location for a destination wedding. As it so happens, Ocean City rates highly when it comes to many of the most valued criteria. They define the “perfect spot” as one that has a great “overall vibe.” Vibe is a quality this resort town has in spades. For starters, it’s right on the water. There’s a laundry list of reasons why beach weddings are considered some of the best, including the relaxed nature of the setting, the intimacy of the surroundings, etc. It doubles as a great honeymoon location, and there’s also the amazing weather.

The Weather

Taking a look at the average monthly temperatures, you’ll find that it rarely (if ever) dips below the low 50s. In the spring and summer months, you can expect comfortable 70s or 80s. In other words, there’s never a bad time to come to Ocean City and have a wedding. If you’re fine with the crowds that might be present during the summer months, you can come then and enjoy the heightened temperatures. If you prefer the off-season, you can still have a great event since the temperatures won’t reach the point where they’re prohibitively cold for an outdoor celebration. It’s a unique balance you’ll only find in places like Ocean City.

That ability to come whenever you please is about more than the weather, mind you. It also means that you can skip the hustle and bustle, find more hotel availabilities, and take advantage of reduced rates that normally associated with less busy times. You’ll have more flexibility in planning your event, and, if keeping costs down is a concern, you’ll be well-served by the amount of choices this fantastic beach town provides. Trust us, your guests will thank you for it.

The Activities

Beyond that, though, the location is a wedding spot and a vacation spot all mixed into one. That guide we mentioned earlier made it a point of taking a trip someplace where you can have an adventure, and adventure is Ocean City’s middle name. From the ocean, to the Boardwalk, and all over town, there’s plenty of excitement for you and your guests to get into.

Maybe try some paddleboarding classes at dawn, or take your wedding party out on the water for an extravagant daytime boat trip? You could bike the nature trails, take a kayak along the rivers and inlets, or try your hand at some wilderness walks. Along the Boardwalk, you can experience the history of Ocean City in all its glory. Classic eateries (some that have been around for almost one hundred years), rides and amusements, parks, clubs, museums and more all within walking distance. If it’s a wedding destination with adventure you crave, you’ve found the perfect place to indulge.

And all of that is before you even consider one of the more subtle features of Ocean City—its people. Like the weather, they’re welcoming, pleasant, and warm. They love new faces, and will help make you destination wedding the experience of a lifetime. From local guides who can help you plan adventures to the fabulous vendors who will get you in touch with what you need to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, you’re in great hands when you travel to this scenic slice of beach, no questions asked.

Best of All, Hotels in Ocean City, MD are a Joy Unto Themselves

Champagne botle and glasses on beach

Lest we forget, you can’t throw a destination wedding without a great hotel to help you host the event and your guests. Thankfully, Ocean City has the best in the business, and can set you up with everything you’ll need. Offerings like Princess Bayside, one of the most stunning beachfront hotels in the area, are just what you had in mind when you thought, “perfect beach wedding.”

They’ve hosted more than their fair share of weddings in the past, so they know all the ins-and-outs about making that waterside celebration just as special as you hoped it would be. Make sure to check out some of the fantastic work they’ve done in the past, and check out the great wedding deals they have to offer (a great way to save even more).

Click here to request more information about the fantastic wedding offerings at the Princess Bayside in Ocean City, MD. We wish you all the best, and hope to see you at the perfect wedding destination sometime soon.