Did you know that Ocean City’s boardwalk was voted the best in America by The Travel Channel? How about the fact that it also made National Geographic and USA Today’s lists for one of the most happening beach locations in the country? You might not realize it, but this three-mile stretch has plenty of sights to see, food to sample, and adventures to experience. If you’re mulling over ideas for a fun getaway, why not book a stay at the Ocean City Boardwalk, then check out one of these beachside marvels?

The Hotels

OCMD Beachfront Hotel exterior

Ocean City Boardwalk Hotels are worth it just to take a look at the unique architecture. They more closely resemble classy condominiums than run-of-the-mill rooms for rent. There’s a rich history hidden within each one. Many can trace their roots back to their original construction in the 1900s, and for a few, the late 1800s. They’ve got staying power. Not even the fires and hurricanes that periodically threaten their existence have been enough to take them down for good.

Find yourself the right one, and you could be treated to top-notch dining, a fantastic golf outing, and more. Though they come from humble beginnings, the hotels in Ocean City now serve as the backbone of the area’s strong tourist economy. After all, no hotels means no place for travelers to stay! As tourist activity continues to grow in the modern day, so too does the profile of these majestic and welcoming structures.

The Food

Shrimp and Clam dinner

The options for culinary delight in Ocean City are extensive. In addition to all of the hotel restaurants, there are plenty of stand-alone eateries right out on the Boardwalk. We can’t cover them all, sadly, but we can drop some knowledge on a few choice favorites:

Harrison’s Harbor Watch One of the most storied restaurants in the area, Harrison’s Harbor Watch was founded by 1984 by Hale and John Harrison, this Ocean City favorite overlooks the Inlet, providing some of the finest seafood around. Seasonal Flounder, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, and Tuna are caught fresh and served the same day. The Harbor Watch complements meals with locally-grown produce. It’s a testament to the power of family tradition and local cooperation, and, most importantly, the food is well worth the trip!

Thrasher’s French Fries No trip to the Boardwalk would be complete without tasting these famous fries. J.T. Thrasher introduced its french fries in 1929, and the recipe hasn’t changed since. Perhaps that’s why they receive accolades from hungry french fry aficionados far and wide. If you want to taste a potato that’s reached its full potential, you need only head to one of Thrasher’s three locations, all accessible from the Boardwalk.

Backshore Brewing Company If a taste of well-brewed beer is your fancy, you needn’t look further than Backshore Brewing. Well known for their small-batch brewing process, these dedicated craftsmen have taken beer-on-tap- to new heights. You’ll no doubt find an IPA, stout, ale, or just about anything else that suits your tastes here. You can even snag some fine Backshore Brewing merchandise to commemorate your visit. Located at 10th and Boardwalk, this is the prime location for any and all so-called “beeroisseurs.”

Purple Moose Saloon If you want to catch a live act while you get your meal, the Purple Moose Saloon is the place to do it. Boasting nightly entertainment from the best rock acts that the East Coast has to offer, this venue is the perfect spot for enjoying a warm meal accompanied by cold drinks, great company, and amazing live music. The schedule is regularly updated, so be sure to give it the once-over so you can catch all the best bands.

The Shops

Women Holding Blue Bag

Everyone loves shopping, no? Even if you don’t, the Boardwalk is home to plenty of establishments you’ll want to check out for the history and atmosphere alone. Jewelry stores, surf shops, t-shirt vendors, and more line the Boardwalk, just waiting for you to visit.

There’s the T-Shirt Factory, well-known for their audacious designs and soft, comfortable upper-body wear. For your surfing needs, you can check out K-Coast or Malibu’s. If you’re looking for some gear for your trusted animal companion, Sandy Paws is the go-to beachside location for premium pet accessories. There’s plenty more in the way of shopping, of course, so make sure to check out a complete listing of the many stores the Boardwalk has to offer!

The Fun

ocean city boardwalk Need to unwind with a bit of amusement? The Boardwalk has no shortage of fun activities for you (and the family) to enjoy. Most notably? Trimper’s has the lock on carnival-style rides, with their most famous being the Carousel. They’ve got other fun stuff to check out too, including Train Rides, Ferris Wheels, Swings, and much more. Make sure to check out the full listing. There’s also Jolly Roger at 30th Street, where you can partake in, among other fun-filled activities, a few riveting rounds of Miniature Golf. Fun for all ages, and not something your trip to Ocean City can do without!

The Landmarks

Perhaps you’d like to delve deeper into the history of the area? You’ll have plenty of chance to do so at one of the Boardwalk’s many landmarks. The Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum, a testament to the heroic members of the Life-Saving Service, is one of the most prominent. Here you can learn about the history of the service, the story of Ocean City, tales of famous shipwrecks, and in-depth knowledge about the area in general. Other landmarks around the Boardwalk include the Inlet Park and the Ocean City Pier Building, among others. Perhaps a full-length Walking Tour is in order so you can scope them all out?

Come Enjoy Ocean City Maryland

The reputation as one of the best beaches in the country is well-deserved. As you can see, there’s plenty of locations for you to explore, food and drink for you to sample, and oceanside adventures for you to have.

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