Holidays on the Eastern Shore take on a life of their own, and Thanksgiving is no exception. People come from far and wide to experience the wonders of water and the fabulous views of the beach this time and year, and if you count yourself among that ever-growing group, you might need a bit of background on what you can expect while you’re out here. After you’ve taken a look at boardwalk hotels in Ocean City MD, made your selection, and charted the Thanksgiving dates you’ll be in town, here are some of the great things you can look forward to that will make for a top-tier holiday celebration.

Enjoy Some Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

Before getting your fill of Thanksgiving food, you’re going to want to kick things off with some pre-Thanksgiving fun. While the temperatures in Ocean City are on the decline in November, that doesn’t mean that all the outdoor activities are a no-go. You can still take a brisk walk along the boardwalk, with all the amazement and exciting things to do and see that it entails:

“While it is easy to get caught up in all the great boardwalk bars, boardwalk restaurants and boardwalk entertainment, finding free things to do on the Ocean City Boardwalk is as easy as just looking around. People watching on the Ocean City Boardwalk is one of the top activities for visitors and locals alike.”

From bars to street performers to amusement rides and beyond, there are a good number of things to experience along this three-mile stretch of wonderment. Just pick a direction, start walking, and start having fun.

If you’d like to take part in something a bit more focused than a casual jaunt, you might instead try your hand at something more intense like a trip to the arcade or a few rounds of mini-golf.

Marty’s Playland is billed as the “largest and most nostalgic arcade venue in Ocean City,” and offers a wide array of games from multiple eras through arcade history. From vintage machines to cutting edge setups, you’ll have plenty to pick from as you spend a few hours challenging your friends for the high score.

A trip to Old Pro Golf will provide a similarly competitive experience, as you and your friends square off to see who among you has the best putt and can circumvent the mini golf course’s various obstacles the most deftly. When it comes to diversion that’s family friendly, both of these options rank near the top of the list, so keep them in mind if you’ve got the kids in tow.

Have A Sumptuous Turkey-Day Dinner

Once the big day hits, you’ll no doubt want to indulge in some delicious food. Around Ocean City, there are plenty of restaurants serving up Thanksgiving dinner, many with a mix of Thanksgiving favorites and seafood-inspired extras that are sure to give your tastebuds the ride of a lifetime.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with Princess Royale for their traditional holiday buffet. Adults are $23.95, Children are half-price, and children under 5 are free with paying adults.

BJ’s On The Water, for instance, is one of Ocean City’s go-to establishments, a newly renovated space where the best food, best views, and best live music are all in ample supply. For Thanksgiving, they’re known for throwing an all-day feast that features classics like “Roast Turkey, Seasoned Sausage and Sage Dressings, Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Orange Relish, Harvest Succotash, Rolls, Butter and Seasonal Dessert.”

Bonfire Restaurant is another top choice, with “the best seafood and prime rib buffet in Ocean City.” Like BJ’s they kick Thanksgiving off early, around 12PM. They also have their fair share of fine eats:

“In addition to Roast Turkey with Homemade Gravy and Glazed Country Ham, the Bonfire Thanksgiving buffet will include a variety of soups, salads, dressings, potatoes and vegetables. Don’t forget the awesome dessert selection that includes Pies, Puddings, Cobblers and Cakes!”

No matter where you go on Thanksgiving in Ocean City, you’ll be treated to a delectable assortment of food, served with that special touch you’ll only find on the Eastern Shore.

Unwind In Style

boardwalk hotels in ocean city md After Thanksgiving dinner, there’s still more for you to enjoy. By this point, the holiday season is in full-swing, and you might want to get a head start on that Christmas shopping. The Holiday Shopper’s Fair provides just the opportunity to do so, and will give you a glimpse at the fabulous OC Convention center as well. Taking place from November 24-26, the event will provide you with the chance to score a variety of unique, handmade merchandise, including “candles, photography, florals, jewelry, and ceramics.”

Do Your Relaxing At Boardwalk Hotels In Ocean City MD

Be sure to stay abreast of all the happenings here, and get a head-start on planning your next visit by viewing all of the awesome deals we have on offer. Here, your next trip to Ocean City will be without compare.