Think a trip to Ocean City is just an old man’s adventure spot? You must not know much about Ocean City, then! There’s plenty that the town has to offer to the younger generation, and no better time to visit than during the heightened excitement of Senior Week. You’ll be able to take advantage of the fun, the festivities and all the deals on Ocean City Senior Week rentals. Let’s explore.

Things To Do During Senior Week

Family Holding Hands Running into Ocean

We don’t have to explain the concept of Senior Week, do we? Students have finally graduated from high school, and now they have some time to cut loose. What could be better than a trip to the shore? Since it’s warm, many of the best Senior Week activities will likely center on the beach and the ocean. Just what wonders do they hold?

Any beach trip will have to include some lounging in the sun; there are no two ways about it. Set out some towels, and maybe some umbrellas, then you and your crew can enjoy the full extent of what the beach has to offer. You don’t just have to chill and catch some sun rays, mind you. You could get the team together and build the masterpiece sandcastle you’ve been planning to show off your skills. You could start a game of frisbee on the beach, or even have a spirited beach volleyball tournament. Only the very best will rise to the top, and you can finally decide who among your friends is the cream of the competitive crop.

When you and your crew are ready to take things to the water, the options for excitement are even more vast. Do you enjoy high paced action on the high seas? You’ll be able to achieve something fairly close with any of the number of open ocean adventures you can take part in, like wakeboarding. You can hop on the board and have your friends tow you by motorboat. If you’re any good, you’ll be able to do more than simply stay afloat; you’ll bust out a trick or two, showing off your skill and coordination.

In a similar vein, you could try some water skiing or windsurfing. The concept is closely related, but the vehicle you use to stay on the water varies slightly. If you’d prefer to ratchet the excitement up a notch, then parasailing might be a good choice. Glide high above the water in your chute while the boat tows you about at high speed. You can even fit two or three people in at a time and make it a group event. There are several parasail rental spots in Ocean City that can hook you up with the best gear and best spots to hit the water, so not trying this activity out shouldn’t be an option!

Of course, you might prefer something more restrained, in which case paddleboarding or kayaking might be more your speed. Though the method of traversing the water is slightly different in each case, the main goal—using your craft to explore the ocean or inlets—is largely the same. There are sunrise/sunset tours for both, and both are easy to rent while you’re in Ocean City. Where the two diverge are in a few select activities. You might be more likely to take a kayak on a wildlife tour, but if you want to do yoga out on the water, the paddleboard is your primary option.

When you’re ready to come back to shore, there’s plenty of excitement waiting for you. Keep the competitive spirit alive with some mini-golf or bowling. There are plenty of courses and lanes in the area to keep you busy. Perhaps you could even try them all and make a tournament of it? There’s ice skating for when you’re ready to escape the sun and cool down while leisurely gliding across the ice.

You could even try heading to one of the amusement park areas in Ocean City to take on some rides. Trimper’s Rides and Jolly Roger at the Pier are in proximity to one another and have more than their fair share of quality diversions. You could even go up the beach a ways to experience the Jolly Roger Amusement Park, a fine place for a group outing.

Secure Your Ocean City Senior Week Rentals

Beachfront Hotel OCMD

You just need to make sure you’re all set for a good time, and that entails booking a great hotel in advance to serve as your base of operations during senior week. Princess Bayside is a premiere option, as they have the prime location to put you within reach of the boardwalk and beach, and have the resort-like atmosphere that will contribute to a superior level of comfort during your stay.

Enjoy the finest amenities, generous room options, and proximity to Ocean City’s best clubs, attractions, and businesses. Did we mention the rooftop pool? Check out everything this quality hotel has to offer and consider booking your Senior Week Ocean City trip with the best in the business.