Many people get incredibly excited about golfing in Ocean City during the spring and summer months. Rightfully so, since it’s during this time of year that people typically take vacations and have more free time on their hands to take in a round or two of golf. But they fail to recognize the value of golfing during the fall.

If you’re undecided about visiting this amazing place during the crisp fall months, just remember that summer vacationing has just died down so hotels in Ocean City MD are less expensive and it’s certainly a more economical trip. The same holds true with golfing as well. Prices tend to stabilize during the fall months and it’s usually cheaper to hit the links during this time of year.

With that said, we’ll now take a look at a number of reasons why golfing in Ocean City MD is better in the fall than at any other time of year. Whether you agree or disagree, just know that it still amazing to go golfing during the fall months even if you happen to prefer the spring and summer, so it’s worth it to take a trip here no matter what your weather preference happens to be.

Reason #1: Book Tee Times Easier during the Fall

The great thing about golfing in the fall is it’s much easier to get tee times than at any other time during the year. If you plan to golf at 8 AM on a Saturday morning, as an example, you can wait all the way up until Friday morning to book your tee time and still find that it’s available. For those golfers that aren’t the greatest planners in the world, the fall is definitely your time of year because you don’t have to plan too far in advance and you can still get the tee time you want.

Visiting Ocean City during the fall is just wonderful because it’s a beautiful time of the year. The weather is changing, the leaves are beginning to fall, and it really is a nice time to pay this place a visit. You’ll enjoy your experience tremendously.

Reason #2: There’s A Lot More Moisture in the Air during the Fall

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ll understand the benefits of having more moisture in the air. More moisture permeating the air leads to more moisture on the grass, which ultimately makes your golf game much better.

How so? Well, when the grass is slightly wet as opposed to completely dry, the ball is going to roll a lot farther due to the wetness. So you’re going to be able to hit the ball farther, get much better rolling action in the grass, and get a lot closer to the pin with every shot. It makes playing golf a lot more fun and you’ll even feel like you’re a better player which certainly should make you happy since you’re paying around $100-$150 to play a round the golf.

Reason #3: The Cost of Playing Golf in the Fall Is Much Cheaper

Believe it or not, during the spring and summer the prices to play golf are very unstable and they can fluctuate all over the place. This is not true during the fall since the golfing season has slowed down. The prices have a tendency to stabilize during the fall, so you don’t have to worry about serious fluctuations in price that could mean more money coming out of your pocket.

On average, during the fall in Ocean City you’ll pay anywhere from $80-$180 for a round of golf. That may seem like a big fluctuation, but in truth it’s actually a fairly stable price structure. So you’re definitely going to save money at this time of the year, which is definitely good for your wallet and it will even give you the ability to play more rounds of golf since you do not have to shell out as much money at this time.

So, taking a golf outing to Ocean City MD during the fall is definitely a good idea. You can hit the links early in the morning and then catch another round later in the afternoon and do it throughout your entire trip if you desire. You aren’t paying nearly as much to get out on the course, so the added affordability makes it possible to play more games while vacationing, relaxing, and ultimately having a good time with family and friends.

Reason #4: Play with Experienced Golfers during the Fall

One phenomenon during the summer that most people fail the talk about is the fact that there are a lot of newbie golfers messing around on the course during the summertime. If you’re serious golfer, you may find it painful to watch these newbies fumble their way through 18 holes. Plus they may even slow the game down and if you get stuck behind a group of them, it could make for a miserable afternoon if you’re in a rush.

During the fall, all of the newbies have all but disappeared at this point. Most of them have completely given up on the game, and the ones that do stick around love the game enough that they’ve already improved. So you’re not going to get stuck behind some new golfer that doesn’t know what they’re doing in the fall because they like the game, they take it seriously, they have gotten better, and they will not hold you up. In fact, they may ask your advice and you’ll feel good going out of your way helping a golfer in need of your expert assistance.

Reason #5: The Scenery Is Beautiful during the Fall

Finally, you’ll truly appreciate this beautiful scenery when golfing during the fall. The golden grass, russet colored leaves and early-morning frost make this an incredible time of year to go golfing. You’ll appreciate the chill in the air, the great feeling you get having a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate after the match, and the warm feeling you get in the clubhouse after you’re done for the day.


Golfing in Ocean City MD is great during the fall. Feel free to book your tee times sooner rather than later and enjoy your trip because it should be a wonderful experience.