Ring in 2017 In An Ocean City Maryland Hotel On The Beach


New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Many of you will want to step outside of the norm and enjoy the festive holiday atmosphere and incredible nightlife in Ocean City, Maryland. It truly is an amazing time of year as we welcome in all of the wonderful opportunities that 2017 will bring.

Are you thinking about stepping outside of your normal holiday comfort zone? If so, Ocean City is certainly a wonderful place to take advantage of the amazing holiday atmosphere. And if you’re new to the area, you’re in luck because New Year’s happens to be the busiest time of year in this gorgeous part of Maryland and there’s always so many fantastic things happening that it’s hard to keep up with it all.

To help you decide what to do on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, we’re going to tell you about some fun and exciting events to participate in while taking in the astounding atmosphere as you kick back, relax, and have a great time in the OC.

Fager’s Island on New Year’s Eve

ocean city maryland hotel on the beach

This New Year’s Eve hotspot has so much happening on December 31 that it may seem overwhelming to some of you. But know that the alcohol is going to flow all night long and the music will be pumping till the wee hours of the morning.

This New Year’s Eve at Fager’s Island, there are three musical entertainment acts that you’ll find incredibly entertaining.

The first act that we’d like to mention is DJ RobCee. This popular DJ has worked at some of the hottest nightclubs in Baltimore and the DC area. He has a unique style and incredible skill, which is why he is considered one of the best in the industry at this time. He spins old-school hits, new school jams, and even the hottest international songs. You will truly love this guy and the incredible talent that he possesses. He’ll make your New Year’s Eve more memorable than you can imagine.

Next, we also wanted to let you know that the band Jumper is going to be live at Fager’s Island in Ocean City on New Year’s Eve. You may remember Jumper from VH1’s Battle of the Bands. They were actually the winner on VH1 and they have gone on to have incredible success in the music industry. They’ll play all of your favorite tunes on New Year’s Eve, and before you know it you’ll be on your feet and dancing and having a great time. They play the best dance hits and rock music and they are truly the life of the party. Visit Fager’s Island on New Year’s Eve to check them out live and in living color.

Finally, the best jazz saxophone player in the business is going to be at Fager’s Island as well on New Year’s Eve. We’re talking about the incredibly talented Everett Spells! This gifted jazz saxophone player grew up in Newport News, Virginia, and has played with some of the most talented jazz musicians on the planet including Consuella Moorehead, Bill Lee, Frank Foster, Dr. Billy Taylor, the Wooten Brothers and many more.

Just know that the nightlife is always jumping at Fager’s Island on New Year’s Eve in Ocean City.

Remember, if you really want to have a memorable experience; do not hesitate to take advantage the incredible atmosphere and wonderful food available at Ocean City Maryland hotels on the beach.

Watch the Fireworks Display at Northside Park on New Year’s Eve

ocean city maryland hotel on the beach

One of the most fun and exciting things to do in Ocean City, Maryland, on New Year’s Eve is to go to Northside Park to watch the fireworks show.

This event is sponsored and hosted by the town of Ocean City, and they put on this incredible fireworks display at night to start off the beginning of 2017 on the right foot.

This is always a fun event for family members and friends. The fireworks begin immediately at midnight, and there’s also plenty of warm hot chocolate, live entertainment, and you can even take a ride through the Winterfest of Lights. This is truly a memorable experience that you’ll never forget! So do not hesitate to take your loved ones to Ocean City for the remarkable New Year’s celebrations.

Free Burley Oak Brewery Tour

ocean city maryland hotel on the beach

Do you like the taste of locally brewed beer? If so, then you are in for a huge treat because the Burley Oak Brewery is providing a free New Year’s Eve tour between 3 PM to 4 PM on December 31.

When the tour is through, you can even stop by and visit the tavern and they will let you get a taste of some of the finest beer that Maryland has to offer. This is truly one of the most fun and exciting things to do on New Year’s Eve and it’s a whole lot of fun as well for all of you adults looking to kick off your favorite drinking holiday on the right foot.

Please be careful and do not drink and drive. Hire a taxi service to get you to your favorite OC MD hotels instead.

New Year’s Day Penguin Swim

Have you ever wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve and also support a great cause? You have the opportunity to do just that by participating in the traditional New Year’s Day Penguin Swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

Each year for the last 23 years members of the community and brave visitors get together to take an ice cold dip in the Atlantic Ocean to benefit the not-for-profit hospital Atlantic General.

The event begins at 11:30 AM where you can check in and then start the registration process. The swimming portion of the day doesn’t start until 1 PM, but you have to get there early in order to register.

Ring in 2017 in an Ocean City Maryland hotel on the beach

There are so many fun things to do in Ocean City, Maryland on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It’s great for the whole family and it’s just as fun if you want to enjoy the nightlife with your friends. Check it out and have a great time ringing in the new year in 2017!